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IrisWork by Olivier Pojzman

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Some Nice Things People Say About Us

  • “There is nothing boring about Olivier Pojzman. For one thing, he’s French. There’s something exotic about a photographer with Parisian roots. Next, Pojzman doesn’t like pretty. A sunny California sky doesn’t turn him on. What does?

    A cloudy one — preferably with a hanging gray overcast sky that’s about to open up and drench us all.”

    Alysha Sideman,
  • “I love your stuff — it is not only has great beauty but it also has wit and and depth and ultimately it connects all of us — the very thing art is supposed to do. Bravo.”

    Jeffrey Tambor,
  • “I recommend the work of Olivier Pojzman, whose Californian panoramics remind us of the great American masters – David Hockney and Edward Hopper. One also notices the influence of hyperrealism.”

    David Martinon,
  • “I am 100 years old and I have seen a lot of art in my life. It is very simple, there are two kinds of art, the good and the bad.

    There is no doubt that Olivier’s work falls into the good.”

    Len Aaron,

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