Pacific Design Center New Exhibition

Yann-HIEYann Perreau is pleased to announce the opening of “Here is Elsewhere” Gallery as part of “Design Loves Art” at Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles. “Here is Elsewhere” is a project space dedicated to exploring the hidden history that links artists from “Here” -So Cal- with artists from “Elsewhere”.

Mission Statement:

“Here is Elsewhere” is a project space dedicated to exploring the hidden history that links artists from «Here» -Southern California- with artists from “Elsewhere”-the rest of the world.

Los Angeles has become in the last decades one of the world capitals of the arts. If Angelino artists are now at the top of the art scene, their perception and influence abroad is still to be researched, understood and exhibited in its full length. Hence the idea of “Here is Elsewhere”: to (re)create, stimulate and increase the dialogue between artists from here and from elsewhere, from different fields and from different generations. As a result of these original collaborations, exhibitions, presentations, talks and performances will be organized at the end of each project, in collaboration with cultural institutions, museums and galleries.

“Venice artists from then to now”, the first exhibition at the gallery, will open on November 18th at 5 pm. This group show will explore Venice Beach’s rich and radical art scene, from the 1960’s until now. When the Ferus Gallery opened, Venice was an affordable paradise for a community of artists, dealers, homeless, rock stars and Beat poets. This is the place where key figures of the Southern California art scene met to create their most experimental works. “I wouldn’t live anywhere else” explains Larry Bell who returned to his original studio on Pacific Avenue after years in Taos, New Mexico. Forty years after its pioneer time, Venice is now often seen as passé or cliché. It would have become gentrified, some kind of a touristic resort. It would have lost its soul.

This exhibition intends to show how the town by the ocean still possesses, just as it used to do, a rich and creative art community. Sometimes using new forms of expressions (video, graffiti) a young generation of artists is emerging. They are creating a new vision while following the steps, more or less consciously, of their great predecessors. How Venice artists have become over the years an iconic community? What are the links between this past and that present? Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s historical method of “the tiger’s leap into the past” this show raises these questions. It features works from some of those who have contributed to the birth of Venice as a “maverick” art scene (Larry Bell, Huguette Caland, Laddie John Dill, Elsa Rady), emerging artists from the new generation (N.Agyapong, James Mathers, Jules Muck, Ace Norton, Kim Schoenstadt, Emily Smith, Samantha Thomas) and outsiders (Marc Velesella, Dominique Moody) whose point of view reflects Venice’s image as a double-standard mirror. Plus special performance and guests to be announced.

For more information, please contact Elsy Benitez HiE @ B 231 Space, Pacific Design Center – 8687 Melrose Ave # G102- Blue Building, Second Floor, West Hollywood, CA 90069.; Special thanks to Heather Harmon.

Directions to the Pacific Design Center

Pacific Design Center is located on the northeast corner of San Vicente Boulevard and Melrose Avenue in the heart of West Hollywood, one mile east of Beverly Hills. Due to construction the San Vicente Boulevard parking tenerance is closed. All access to the parking garage is now through the Melrose Avenue entrance located between San Vicente Boulevard and Huntley Drive on the North side of the street.Here is Elsewhere Gallery is located on the second floor of the blue building. Self and valet parking @ PDC. Complementary parking for press. (310) 360 6404.

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