When Fine Art by IrisWork Meets Digital Technology by JCDecaux

What: Interactive Photography Exhibition at LAX Los Angeles International Airport

When: Ongoing

I have always loved the process of photography.

From shooting  to developing to printing in the darkroom, every step is integral to my never-ending search for the “perfect shot”. But in the end, the step that brings me the most satisfaction is the most personal of all:

Sharing and exhibiting my work.

Each and every image I produce is the end result of a flash of inspiration in my mind that serves as a conduit for my expression. And if all my creative intentions come together as I hope, the final photographic print turns out to be more than just a “picture.”

It becomes art.

And today, as part of an exciting new exhibition at Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley Terminal and Terminals 3 + 5, I am proud to announce that my fine art photography is soaring beyond the traditional boundaries of print and into the exciting realm of large format digital display and interactive technology.

Courtesy of JCDecaux, the worldwide leader in outdoor advertising with a total of 1.1 million advertising panels in more than 70 countries, a variety of my images are being displayed on enormous, brilliantly colored video screens to the thousands of travelers passing through LAX everyday.

From an artist’s point of view, viewing my work on such immense, high resolution displays… while simultaneously watching passers-by stop in their tracks to interact with the art itself… is an unforgettable experience that has completely up-ended my notions of what a “traditional print exhibition” even means anymore.

So next time you’re catching a flight at LAX… look up.

There’s IrisWork in the sky!