The Challenges of a New Show

lurieIn two weeks the new Lurie Gallery in Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood will be presenting my work in a show titled, “Shinning Light.”

The photos in this show are mostly pictures of California. Various landscapes and beach locations have been selected for display. I met the owners Scott and Craig Lurie at the Beverly Hills Art show a few months back and they invited me to present my work in their galleries. I collaborated with the Sunset Strip gallery to decide on which pieces to use and we worked to incorporated different formats and print sizes that work best in the space.

A lot of prep work and organization goes into preparing for an opening. I have worked with a publicist to send out press releases, as well as invitations to potential buyers, art critics and media outlets. Jason, the gallery manager has been putting the physical part of the show together. What to hang and where to hang it may seem easy but there really is an art to it. Because of the non-traditional sizes of many of these works, much thought and effort goes into displaying each piece just right.

I feel the Lurie Gallery is a great place to show my work. They have a real understanding of what I am doing and their staff is very knowledgeable and has been great to work with. I am looking forward to a great time, with some good wine, food and friends.