The Art of Feng Shui

Your home should nourish you and help you achieve your goals in life.

designercornerx3The purpose of a home should not merely be to shelter you, but also to nourish you and help you achieve your goals in life. For this to become a reality, the space in your home needs to answer your demand for positive energy and flow. Many people fail to create positive energy in their homes, and as a result often find that their homes actually serve to counteract their goals. A home of any type or size can become a trap of negative thinking, weakened creativity, and imbalance. At the same time, a home of any type or size can greatly benefit from the principles of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui home planning takes your own personal character into account and creates a layout pattern that will brighten and support your sense of comfort and well-being. It will allow you to realize the true purpose of the different aspects of your home. For example, Feng Shui can make a living or dining room more open and welcoming to guests, while bringing your own personal spaces, such as bedroom or bath, into closer alignment with your own personal needs. In this sense, Feng Shui can be said to amplify the many functions your home is expected to perform.

Feng Shui for Business Space


The ancient Chinese art of creating an environment of balance and prosperity
A place of work is generally the place of high demands and high pressure. The success of a business rides directly on sustained productivity, focus, flexibility, and progressive thinking. These are some of the very elements that Feng Shui can provide or improve in a business space. Feng Shui principles can help identify the use and flow of space most conducive to a positive working atmosphere, which, studies have shown, provides global long-term benefits to both employer and employee. In addition, Feng Shui principles can radically influence the way that customers move through- and interact with -retail space, offering a degree of control that is essential to financial success.

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