Sign the Petition Requesting President Obama to Appoint
a Secretary of the Arts

Quincy JonesBeing an artist, I see firsthand the impact art has on society. People often tell me how my work touches them. Like music, paintings, theatre and movies photos help put a perspective on society that can’t be expressed in day-to-day situations. Art has the power to move people, unite people and connect people. That is why when I saw the petition on Facebook for President Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts, I felt compelled to join. Many New York artists took a cue from Quincy Jones, when he said he was going to ask President Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts, and created an online petition to ask the President to do just that.

France has had a Minister of Culture for over 50 years through both conservative and liberal democracies. The position was created to keep French culture thriving. I feel French and Americans agree that the arts are a valuable piece of our cultures. By creating this position, President Obama will be further acknowledging the importance of art in our society. That will be a benefit to everyone.