12′ “El Mirage” Panels Make a Big Impact on a Retail Environment

Robin's Jean Showroom

Robin’s Jean Showroom in Paramus, New Jersey

Robin Chretien, Founder and Designer of Robin’s Jean launched a new store in Paramus, New Jersey this past week to much fanfare — there to welcome new customers were three impressive 12 foot vertical panels of my iconic El Mirage series. These fit right in with Robin’s (and my own) personal fascination with Vintage Americana:

Robin loved living in America. He was fascinated with Native Americans and the spirit that embodied warriors and their fight for freedom. A lover at heart, his soul lived for the freedom of the open road and the big sky. His passion for motorcycles, vintage cars and old school cinema became his inspiration for a new brand. He was eager to produce product that was truly his own and would reflect the passions of his childhood dreams.

Whether it’s a clothing store or any other retail environment, size really does matter and customers appreciate a store that works hard (and succeeds to create a setting that fitting to the store’s theme. I really think Robin got it right with this one :)

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