IrisWork is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary!


It has been quite a ride over the past few years, full of adventures, travels and shooting. On a quest to feed my lens the best images I could make, I’ve travelled across America to 13 different states, explored the deserts of the Southwest, covered the entire Route 66, searching for echoes of the past, and locations that moved me. I’ve spent many sleepless nights under the stars, capturing the haunting beauty of Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks under the full moon. I’ve traveled extensively across Africa in Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mauritania, Morocco, Mali, Mauritania, and Mauritius, as the official photographer for presidents Ouattara, Biya and Rangoolaam. I also covered the legendary car and motorcycle race Paris-Dakar…  And of course, I still love driving up and down the beautiful California coast!

These photographic moments are exceptional times of introspection, self-realization and a way to stay focused on the present. The power of isolation through desired solitude places the artist in a time/space where everything stays still. These unforgettable instances lead to the creative process of capturing mental and tangible images.

Feeling connected with the elements, wind, snow, heat, cold, storms… and

Waiting for the perfect instant of the best light in uncontrollable conditions which could happen anytime during any given day… then

Capturing shape, contrast, texture, colors, even smells and sounds that will transcend the beauty of the subjects.

I wanted to express my deep gratitude to my loyal clients, to the gallery owners and interior designers who feature my work, to my talented fine art printing technician and to all my friends who believed in me, encouraged me in my endeavours over the years and, to this day, support me in doing what I love best: creating art and sharing it to the world.

There is more to come. There always will be.

To illustrate and celebrate this anniversary, here is a 4-minute video about my work. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you.

Special thanks to Val Kahl and French FriesProductions